Interview With New York Times Best Selling Author Ann Hood

Hood, Ann (c) Catherine Sebastian_300dpi.jpg

“Read everything. And write. Every day.” – Ann Hood


Who doesn’t want to live inside of their favorite book? New York Times Best Selling Author, Ann Hood, began writing for that very reason – the desire to live inside a book. From the moment Hood learned to read at the age of four, that desire has fueled her passion for writing.

Hood tries to write at least two hours a day, but a lot of that time is spent thinking. Hood says that once she “hits page 75-100 of a novel [she] can write all day.”

Hood was a mentor at a writing conference I attended several years ago, so I find it particularly fascinating how she got her start in the publishing world. While attending the Breadloaf Writers Conference, her teacher “gave the beginning of [her] novel to his agent, and a week later [she] had a book contract for it.” How cool is that? That is an inspiring example of how valuable writing conferences can be to an aspiring writer. Not only do they offer great advice and a fantastic way to network with other writers and individuals in the publishing world, but it could even provide the opportunity to land a publishing contract!


“I write novels about the things that keep me up at night.” – Ann Hood


Hood’s novels center around loss and finding paths through it, knitting and friendships, mother/daughter relationships, and broken hearts and betrayals. Her next novel is coming out on August 9, 2016 and is titled The Book That Matters Most. Hood is very excited for her newest book, stating how “it’s wonderful to put a new novel out in the world.”

For more on Ann Hood and her upcoming novels, you can visit her:



Twitter/Instagram: @annhood56


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