2019 is Going to be MY Year – I’m now an Official Blogger!

Exciting news all of you wonderful dreamers! antique-background-blog-1305363I’ve accepted a position as a blogger for Veronica Sniscak, Realtor! I’m so excited to get back to my true love – WRITING! After the past year I’ve had overcoming the loss of my dad and being tossed into home ownership after inheriting his house, it’s time for me to get back to my roots and back to my passion that my dad was always so encouraging and proud of – my writing and editing.

After losing my dad, I sort of disappeared from the Writing Community for a while and didn’t focus on much of my true passion because I always felt overwhelmed by all of my new responsibilities, stress, and grief over the loss of one of my biggest supporters. My dad was a great man. I’m not saying we always got along, quite the opposite in fact. We fought like cats and dogs ever since I was in high school, but not a day goes by where I don’t miss him like crazy. Just the sound of his voice when he would say, “Hey Bugs!” and smile his big grin, his rosy cheeks becoming50782945_10218376466993146_1156118489283428352_n more pronounced and his bright blue eyes crinkling. He and my mom have always supported my writing and editing throughout my whole life. I always knew I could do whatever I set my mind to and that I could and would succeed in my writing career because I was just that dedicated.


My dad was always bragging about my writing and made sure to get an entire box of the magazines my articles were published in so he could give them to anyone and everyone he had the chance to. Without his support and in my grief, I faded away from my passion. But, I’m back! 2019 has been so much better than 2018 in the short time it’s been here and it’s looking to be a fantastic year. I plan to make my dad proud and get back to my true self. There’s no stopping me now!

To check out my first official blog as a blogger (* insert the loudest squeal possible *), then check it out here and learn how home ownership is better than renting!

Good luck to all of you wonderful dreamers and make sure to keep an eye out because, I’M BACK AND I PLAN TO MAKE 2019 MY YEAR! How are you planning to make 2019 your best year yet? Let me know in the comments below! 🙂be-creative-creative-creativity-256514

Much love,



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