Read. Write. Don’t Stop

Well guys, it’s official. I’ve moved my site to its own domain. In light of this I’ll have my first blog post here be an #LRBHelpfultips repeat from a couple years ago. Does anyone remember when I was given some advice from my favorite author, New York Times Bestselling Author Diana Gabaldon?

If not, here you all go!

Read. Write. Don’t stop.

You all heard it. This is the most critical thing when it comes to improving your craft. And let’s face it we can always improve ourselves in everything we do, no matter how long we have been at it or if we are deemed “professionals”. There is always room for improvement.

So get to it guys! Go pick up your favorite book and disappear into a completely different world for a while, and when you come back . . . get right back into your writing! And never, ever, stop!

Happy dreaming and welcome to my site 2.0!


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