Sydney Scrogham’s “Ariel: The First Guardian”

How many of you remember when my friend, Sydney Scrogham, released her first book in The Guardians of Agalrae series, Chase, in August 2015?

Need a refresher? Okay, here it is!

Chase is an immersive fantasy for fans of Narnia, Middle Earth, and Thisby. Young horse lovers and romantics will be swept away on the backs of Alicorns into the mountains of Agalrae.

Chase Cover SS


Two worlds will collide under one reigning Promise.

He’s chosen to die.

She’s destined for Snix skin.

Financial strain from her mom’s lost job means Lauren has to sell her horse.  In a desperate attempt to keep her beloved animal, Lauren pursues an escaped genetic experiment worth a ten thousand dollar reward—a bright red horse.

With the red horse in sight, Lauren disappears into Agalrae and comes face-to-face with Chase, a man raised by Alicorns. Lauren wants to return home, but the Snix, Chase’s enemy since birth, has other plans. The Snix confronts Lauren with an ultimatum:  Kill Chase for ten times the red horse’s reward money, or sacrifice the lives of her mother and horse.

Forced to stay in Agalrae until she decides, Lauren wrestles with possible outcomes.  But she can’t hide the truth from Chase forever.

When destiny splits, which path do you follow?

Now available in print and ebook.

Now that you’re all caught up, who’s ready for book number two?! I know I am!

Ariel- The First Guardian Cover Photo

Where do I even begin? Book number two, more affectionately referred to as Ariel: The First Guardian, will have you feeling a full spectrum of emotions. No, really it will. There will be moments where you’re snorting from laughing so hard (yes, this did happen to me), as well as those moments where you feel so deeply for the characters and what happens to them that you’ll be pulling out a box of tissues. I know all of this since I was one of the editors for it. Knowing that . . . let me just tell you, it truly is quite well written and is a real page turner.

Ariel: The First Guardian is geared toward a slightly older audience than Scrogham’s first book, Chase, since it deals with overcoming sexual abuse. However, it is by no means a hard read. While dealing with the intense trauma of sexual abuse and overcoming something so awful, Scrogham also brings humor and shows her readers how powerful love can be.

Without further ado, let’s “gallop back into Agalrae” as Scrogham says.


Abuse survivor Ariel Harte doesn’t need anyone. Ever. But her companion animal is infected with a dark, magical force. Only an ancient purification ritual, the mind link, performed with another human can cure this infection.

Ariel must ask her ex-boyfriend, Ryan Tracey, for help.

But she’s racing time. She’s infected, too. All the walls will have to come down so Ariel can heal or she will lose herself to the darkness forever.

Ariel: The First Guardian is a story of true love that wins over time, the power of second chances, and redemption from abuse. This is a prequel to Chase in the Guardians of Agalrae series but can be enjoyed as a standalone novel.


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