To the Moon and Back by Sydney Scrogham ~ Book Review

Sydney has a way with words that brings excitement from page one and will keep you flipping pages until there’s nothing left to read. To the Moon and Back did not disappoint. Different from her other books, but similar at the same time, we are able to dive into a futuristic world where space horses – astrorses – exist and they aren’t magical and whimsical like you may think, but fierce and deadly. One girl and her broken family defy all odds by coming back together to patch their broken relationship and tame a wild and bloodthirsty Astrorse in order to save their family; their farm; and, most importantly, themselves.

Sage Easton has lost her dreams and her legs in an instant during a riding accident that left her paralyzed from the waist down. With her emotions spiraling out of control, she goes to stay with her estranged father, Jedidiah, on his farm – the home she once knew and has long since forgotten – to try and find herself again. Little does she know she will find her whole family in the process and learn to fly where she used to walk.

Sydney has always had a special ability to add a healing touch to her words, but within the pages of her newest book, To the Moon and Back, the reader will follow Sage’s journey to discovering who she is without the use of her legs after a tragic accident leaves her hopeless, depressed, and contemplating the meaning of life after her dreams disappear in front of her eyes. Forced to face the realization that she must pick up the pieces of her broken life and learn how to live and dream again, is the amazing journey this book takes you on. We learn along with Sage that sometimes when something tragic happens that is meant to tear us down, if we face it head on and learn our own strength then amazing things can happen and broken relationships can be mended.

To the Moon and Back is a story that keeps you reading late into the night and tears at your heart strings as you connect to each character and their individual struggles. It teaches the reader that you can overcome anything if you put your mind to it and just believe.

To discover more about Sydney and her current books, make sure to check her out on social media and hop on over to her website!

Still unsure what an astrorse is? Check out Sydney’s blog that explains all about them!

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About the Author:

Born and raised in Virginia, Sydney Scrogham has always loved horses and books. She grew up in the Shenandoah Valley and printed her first chapter book at home when she was 11 (and illustrated it herself). Sydney has since kept much of her original childhood writings and often draws inspiration from them.

Sydney has been a horse owner for 14 years and moved to Indiana to be with the love of her life whom she met on Twitter! Joseph, her husband, is proof that happily ever after really does exist. Living near Indianapolis, IN gave Sydney the geographical knowledge she needed to conclude the epic Guardians of Agalrae series that was originally based from the Blue Ridge Mountains in her Virginia home. As a PATH Intl. CTRI horseback riding instructor, she also enjoyed giving back to the community by teaching horseback riding lessons to individuals with special needs.

Sydney now lives in northern Alabama where she writes under the watchful ownership of a miniature dachshund. By day, she manages a barn for a local Dressage trainer where she also keeps her favorite Paint horse mare named Hera. By night, she enjoys trying new recipes with Joseph while picking his brain for setting details of her new stories.


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